Environmental and climate change mitigation issues are increasingly permeating the investment landscape. The GREENTECH VILNIUS Forum put the greening of the market into a broad context, and Evernord’s Vismantė Šepetienė took part in a discussion on what actions and projects can lead to more sustainable urban development and increase the attractiveness of cities for investors.
“When asked how investors feel about green investments, about investing in sustainable projects, my answer is simple: positive. Investing in projects based on ESG standards is becoming increasingly attractive. These projects create solid added value, preserve investment value in the long term, and fuel the green engine: real estate objects developed according to sustainability principles attract companies that comply with ESG standards, and they spread these practices further through their sustainable activities,” Vismantė Šepetienė shares her insights after the discussion.
Evernord’s Marijas 2 SIA bonds are an example of sustainable investment. The funds raised by the bonds are invested in the construction of the modern business complex Novira Plaza Riga. The business complex is expected to achieve LEED Platinum certification within the first few years of operation.